Welcome to my blog!

I have written and rewritten this post so many times. I wanted to hurry up and start blogging, but I wanted my first post to be perfect. And I can assure you this post is not perfect nor will any of the rest of my posts even come close to perfect. I have come to the realization that I need to do what I do best and just write. I have been overthinking this blog way way way to much. So here it goes..

If I had to describe in one word what you will find on this blog, it would just be random. I tried to stick this blog in a category but I realized that I just want to use this to express who I am. And if you know me, I think we can agree I am all over the place and I couldn’t even put myself in a category.

BUT! Let me introduce myself! Hi I’m Haylee, I am 18 and I’m about to graduate high school, I have a cute dog, I am a barista which helps support my coffee addiction, and I talk a whole lot. So if you are into Jesus, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Fitness, DIY’s, Self Discovery, Dogs, Coffee, and like to occasionally make a fool out of yourself, then follow this blog and lets be internet friends.

So this first post was pretty all over the place but thats okay!

Thanks guys!!

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