Prom Makeup

My absolute favorite part of prom is doing my makeup! Many of you know that makeup is something I invest a lot of my time into. So when it comes to prom I go all out! Everything I use is from the drugstore except my eyeshadow. But I used very common colors that I’m sure most girls have in their collection so it should be easy to recreate!

First things first- My groundwork for the whole look… my foundation!

This has been my go to foundation for years! Note I fake tanned for this event, so I needed a darker foundation color than I usually use on a day-to-day basis!

-I use the Maybelline FIT ME  Matte + Poreless Foundation in the color nude beige.

-I get my beauty blender damp and begin to pour my foundation onto the larger surface of the beauty blender. I dab that around my whole face, as well as my neck until everything is complete blending out

-Then, I take my Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in the shade ivory, and I put it under my eyes, in between my eyebrows, down the bridge of my nose, on my Cupid’s bow, and my chin! And yet again, I wet my beauty blender and dab all of that in.

-(if you decide to bake, now is the time to do so) last time I baked I had MAJOR flashback, and it ruined majority of my photos. So due to being scared, I will not be baking my face. Instead, I use two powders to set my face. I use Maybelline FIT ME! Matte + Poreless Powder in the shade translucent to set the areas I concealed. Then, I use the shade, natural beige to set the rest of my face.

-Then, I take my NYX bronzer in the shade, light and apply it under my cheek bones, my hairline on my forehead, and my jawbone (to blend it into my neck).

– almost forgot to talk about my highlight!! So my highlight is actually the eyeshadow beam from the Jaclyn Hill, palette but for drugstore highlighters I suggest the e.l.f. Illuminating Palette. I highlighted on my cheekbones and Cupid’s bow

Okay okay now that all of that is done, we can start on the fun stuff (note: I have my eyebrows done at this point)

So I apply a piece of tape to give a sharp line. Make sure you put the tap on your hand first so it won’t be as sticky and have it angled with the tip of you eyebrow and outer corner of the eye.

– I’m using the Jaclyn hill palette for most of this eye look. I set my eyelid with silk cream, which is just a nude color.

•Transition color- butter (light brown)

 •Crease- pooter (medium brown)

•Outer crease- buns (dark brown)

I go back in with our transition color and BLEND BLEND BLEND! (Sometimes I count to 60 as I blend just to make sure I blend enough)

•I go back in to the outer crease with the tiniest bit of abyss (black) then I lightly go over the edges of the black with buns (dark brown) to blend it out

And as for my lid color I actually go into the urban decay naked heat palette and I use the color, ounce (white shimmer) and I pack that onto my lid. Now I just line the outer part of my upper and lower lids with a black liner and I tight line as well.

Mascara is pretty self-explanatory, but I use L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black

and now for my favorite part… the magnetic lashes!! I tilt my head back and apply the top lash first, while the bottom lash is ready to go in my other hand. As soon as the top lash is placed against my eyelid and centered on my lid, I begin to slowly put the bottom lash on I start by bringing it up close to my eye (under my top lashes), and begin to connect the magnet on the furthest side of my eye, once that has connected, the eyelashes will automatically clasp together. So this is honestly kind of hard and it took me a million tries to finally get it and on prom night I still ended up messing them up due to lots of sneezing 😂

And I got a ton of questions about my lipstick!! So every formal event, I have I invest in a lipsense lipstick because I won’t have to worry about smudging or reapplying multiple times. I just apply once and I’m done. So I used a lipsense in the color plum! This cannot be bought at stores but I assure you if you look you will find so many people who sell lipsense!

So let me know if y’all have any questions in the comments below or feel free to message me through the “contact me” page.

thanks ladies!!

Magnetic lashes


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