50 things a man should NEVER say to a woman

  1. “Calm down.” (Are you dumb? That’s going to make her more mad.)
  2. “You look tired”
  3. “You look sick” (2 and 3 are quite the confidence boosters🙄)
  4. “Are you wearing that?” (Are you actually asking that??)
  5. “What’s up with your hair?”
  6. “I liked your hair longer.”/”Don’t cut your hair.” (It’s my hair your opinion is irrelevant.)
  7. “Are you sure you should be eating that?” (If I want to eat an entire pizza and a tub of icecream I’m going to. Don’t question me)
  8. “Have you gained weight?” ( that question will get you hit)
  9. “How much do you weigh?” (I assure you this question isn’t worth it. 😂)
  10. “Put some meat on your bones.” (Are you kidding? Leave her alone)
  11. “You are lazy.” (You have a lot of guts, don’t you?)
  12. “You wear too much makeup.” (I will stab you in the eye with my mascara wand)
  13. “What’s up with your makeup?” (Makeup is an art. Let her express herself)
  14. “I think you’d look better if you wore___.” (Just compliment us. Don’t try and give fashion advice)
  15. “You’d be prettier if you ____” (So are you saying we’re ugly??🤷🏼‍♀️)
  16. “You are so pale.” (Gee thanks.)
  17. “You’re so cute when you’re mad.” (Well I’m about to look gorgeous🙄)
  18. “I don’t want to talk about it.” (I actually say this all the time so.. oops)
  19. “Just do what I tell you to do.” (I’m sorry are you my parent or..?)
  20. “I’ll just tell you later.” (Alright then I’ll just look dumb now because you won’t tell me what you are talking about 🙂)
  21. “Shhhh” (Don’t say that ever.)
  22. “Chill out” (She is probably going to explode. Don’t tell a woman to chill.)
  23. “It’s really great how you (insert anything) but what if you did it this way?” (Or how bout I not do it at all and you do it instead?)
  24. “Get over it.” (How bout no🤷🏼‍♀️)
  25. “You never told me that.” (Actually you just never listen)
  26. “Whatever.” (I actually find this so incredibly disrespectful 😂)
  27. “Let me know when you’re done with your attitude” (I’m never going to speak to you again)
  28. “I have a mother I don’t need another one.” (Then stop acting like a child…🤷🏼‍♀️)
  29. “You never listen.” (HA)
  30. “You are so needy.” (I needy you to stop talking.)
  31. “You’ll get over it” (I probably would’ve but then you said that. So now I refuse to get over it☺️)
  32. “It’s up to you.” (Be a man. Help make decisions.)
  33. “You knew I was like this.” (Don’t make your issues my fault.)
  34. “You are overreacting.” (YOU ARE UNDERREACTING.)
  35. “You’re wrong” (start over. A woman is never wrong.)
  36. “Hurry up.” (I don’t even need to explain why you should never rush a woman.)
  37. “Did you do my laundry?” (Refer to #28.)
  38. “Maybe you should go to the gym.” (Maybe you should go buy me a cake🤷🏼‍♀️.)
  39. “It was a joke.” (Must not of been very funny if you had to tell me it was a joke.)
  40. “My ex never did that.” (Um cool?”)
  41. “You should ask my mother for her recipe.” (You should probably start going back to your moms house to eat then)
  42. “When is your baby due?” (This could honestly get you into so much trouble. Just don’t ask.)
  43. “How old are you?” (No. No. No.)
  44. “Is it that time of the month?” (Nope you are just really annoying today.)
  45. “Where’s dinner?” (You got me. Where?)
  46. Do not compare your tiredness to her tiredness.
  47. “You sound just like my mother.” (🙄)
  48. “My ex…” (Just stop while you are ahead)
  49. “Can I just say something.” (No you cannot)
  50. “You are just like every other girl.”

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