Change Your Life in 2019

I am the kind of person that loves starting fresh. By no means am I an expert but I am going to share some tips and tricks that I am trying to do in order to better myself and be the kind of person I want to be in 2019.

  1. Make a plan:  Ditch resolutions! Resolutions can be so specific that the second we start to fall behind we usually tend to just give up on that resolution. Make broad goals such as I want to read more and I want to have a healthier life.
  2.  Get educated: Self-help books, cause we all need some friggen help. Here are some of my favs: The Law Of Attraction, The Power of Habit, Big Magic, Set Apart Feminity.
  3. Put your changes to action: Day planners, agendas, calendars, whatever tickles your fancy. Either way, start mapping out when and how you plan on making these changes happen.
  4.  Keep track on how you feel: Journal it, meditate, pray about it, sit with your thoughts, whatever you decide to do, make sure you are checking in with how you feel along the way.
  5. Stay Inspired!!!!: Make an inspiration board, change your background on your phone or computer, write out your dream life and pretend it’s already promised to you, GET OBSESSED WITH WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE. Make it everything that is you.
  6.  Leave anyone or anything that brings you down in 2018: You are who and what you surround yourself with. If you have anything, any habit, or any person that is bringing you negativity or sabotaging everything you are trying to achieve, do your best to find a way to leave it in your past. You’re moving on to bigger and better things for you!
  7.  BELEIVE AND LOVE YOURSELF: I don’t care how corny it sounds. You will NOT be able to achieve anything if you aren’t supporting and loving yourself along the way. Ditch self-doubt, pity and fear and start treating yourself as if you are already the person you’re aspiring to be. You’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to fall off track, don’t give up on yourself. Just keep pushing and trying!
  8.  Breathe it in: Carpe that friggen diem planning and pushing towards your goals is important, BUT LIVE IN THE MOMENT TOO! If you know what you want to achieve, and you act as if it is already promised to you (the law of attraction) then you will find it easier to enjoy every moment and step along the way. You’re getting there, don’t you worry, so enjoy now while you can. This is all that we have right now.        

Love you guys to the moon and back!

𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖, ℍ𝕒π•ͺ

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