Essential Oils Part 1

Picture creds Claire Dodge
Why I Use Young Living?
  • Seed to Seal

Young Living oversees every step from planting all the way to distilling and selling. This gives me comfort that what I am receiving is pure and safe.

  • 100% Therapeutic Grade

Meaning these oils can be diffused, applied topically, and you can even ingest some of them. A lot of companies that are cheaper (lower quality) only have to be 5% essential oils for it to be labeled as the oil it claims to be (lavender, peppermint, etc.) and the other 95% can be synthetics and fillers.

How Fast Do They Work?

When applied topically they can be found in your brain within 22 seconds, found in your bloodstream within 2 minutes, and after 20 minutes the oil will be affecting every cell in your body!!!

How Can You Use Them?

Young Living Essential Oils can be used in 3 different ways!

Aromatically – You can diffuse them! Each starter kit comes with a diffuser

Topically – With most essential oils you will want to mix them with a carrier oil before applying them to your skin (coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc.). This just slows down the absorption, so if it is a little too strong you may not want to apply that directly to your skin.

Ingesting – You could put a few drops in your water, bake with them, or put them in a veggie capsule to consume. These oils are incredibly versatile.

How Do I Get Started?

I started out by getting the premium starter kit which comes with 12 essential oils, a diffuser, 2 samples of ningxia, thieves waterless hand purifier, and some books! I will leave my links below if you are interested in signing up or email me with any questions you may have!

Stay tuned for part 2 which will be a more in depth post about each oil in the premium starter kit!

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